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Re: [LONG] RH refugee comments & questions

Antony Gelberg said:

> Gotta like that.  Anyone willing to go over the differences between apt-*
> and dpkg?  Is is generally recommended to use dselect instead?

apt is a front end to dpkg more or less. dpkg handles actual package
installation, apt handles dependency resolving, retrieving packages,
and archive searching(apt-cache) among other things..

I usually do not use dselect, can't remember the last time I did,
I was never fond of it(ever since my first debian install where I spent
about 4 hours resolving package conflicts and choosing what I wanted to
install back in 1998), I prefer apt-cache and apt-get ..I've installed
so many debian systems that I've memorized the names of most of the
packages that I use ...


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