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Anyone made any lvm boot floppies

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I have made extensive use on lvm on my system.  All filesystems apart from 
root (this includes a separate /var and /usr) are lvm logical partitions).

I backup root (and other things) disk to disk on a daily basis to one of these 
partitions so that I can simply recover from failure.

A couple of days ago a disk fault wiped out the superblock on my root 
partition.   That was when I discovered the flaw in my approach.

My boot floppies could not open the lvm volumes - so I could not get at the 
backup to restore my root.

In the end I had to re-install debian from scratch (somewhat difficult as the 
root partition is too small for a full install (remember that /usr and /var 
are on a lvm volume normally but could not use these during this install).  
Then dist-upgrade it to sid (otherwise I have libc6 compatibility problems) 
before overwriting root whilst it was running.  It took me several evenings 
work to get it right.

Before I put my back into creating boot floppies with lvm support (although it 
appears easy, I have tried it before and never fully succeeded in getting 
something small enough) - has anyone done this already?
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Alan Chandler
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