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Re: (Fwd to list) Re: Wireless lan setup

On Wed, 16 Apr 2003, Nick Hastings wrote:

> I tried these first. Anyway I believe I managed to get all three
> drivers working at different stages, ie. the card is seen and the
> interface (wlan0 or eth1 depending on the driver) can be configured
> with a static IP. My concern is that I'm not configuring it correctly.
> I can't test the static IP since I have no other wireless card or hub,
> and I can't get dhcp to work.
> Anyway thanks for taking the time to make some suggestions.
> Nick.

I can't really help with your problem, but it might help to get help if
you post your problems under a other topic. So as it seems to be dhcp
related try this as a topic.


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