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Re: 'apt-cache search' question #2

On 20 Apr 2003 15:11:39 +0100
Shri Shrikumar <shri@urbyte.com> wrote:

> yes, but some of the packages that dpkg -l returns are not installed -
> check the second column for ones that do not say ii

Ahh, good point:

rc  gnome-libs-dat 1.4.2-11       Data for GNOME libraries
rc  libglade-gnome 0.17-2.7       Library to load .glade files at runtime
rc  libmikmod2     3.1.10-5       A portable sound library

When I try to "dpkg -P" those I get a message that they aren't installed so
can't be removed.

How can I get rid of these completely?


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