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Re: [REPHRASED] fetchmail

On Sun, 27 Apr 2003, Steve A. wrote:

> On 4/27/2003 3:45 PM,David Fokkema used both thumbs to type:

Actually, I used all my fingers.

> > Hi group,
> >
> > I'm using fetchmail on a server and I want remote users to be able to edit
> > their own .fetchmailrc. They use that infamous mail program from that
> > other OS to pop their mail from the server. Right now, users have to start
> > fetchmail on the server, but then it all works flawlessly. However, after
> > a reboot nothing is restarted and I'd hate to tell my users to
> > periodically check if their daemon is still running in case there was a
> > power failure. Is there a way to automatically start all the daemons?
> I would think Webmin would be perfect for this. AFAIK one can set it up so
> people can only edit in their home directory - of course without root
> access, but each users home would have a fetchmailrc.

Indeed, it is. Before I rephrased my question, it contained a reference to
usermin, the userbased webmin interface. It works perfectly, BUT, I
couldn't get fetchmail to read in all users .fetchmailrc's. With the
suggestions of Albert and Paul, I think I can make this all work, :-).


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