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Re: /usr/share/doc...

On Tue, 22 Apr 2003, Michael Kahle wrote:

> To clear up why I became root to do this operation...  I thought it faster
> than copying the file somewhere else and then gunzip-ing the file.  I
> thought it faster to type su and then password then to copy the file into
> another location and have my way with it.  The problem with having my own
> unix box is that I can bail myself out of tons of permissions situations
> just by becoming root.  Very very bad, I know.  If I could have become
> familiar with Unix without having to set one up myself first, I would most
> likely have developed better habits than I have now.
> I would type the following:
> $ gzip -d filename.gz
> Gzip: changelog: Permission denied
> $
> So, I was in /usr/share/doc/, and I didn't have permissions to change the
> files that existed in there.  Which is why I had to be root to do the
> decompress operation as above.  I could have copied the file to somewhere
> else and then did it as non superuser.  But as we all know, this is silly.
> There are far better ways to do this than I had been doing and I'm glad I
> asked.

There is a faster, nonroot way to uncompress that file to another file.
Try "gzip -c filename.gz > ~/myfile.txt"  What this does is uncompress 
the file and pipes it to the terminal (standard output, actually), then 
the ">" symbol tells it to write whatever should be written to the 
terminal to the following file "~/myfile.txt", where the "~" symbol is 
shorthand for "my home directory".

As a footnote:
	">>" will append instead of write to a file.  "~user" (where 
user is a valid name) is a shortcut to the user's home directory.

~ Jesse Meyer

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