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[solved] Output Plugin for xmms

Sorry, just installed xmmsarts, and everything is now alright.
Guess I should have checked apt first before sending my message.
Sorry for the inconvenience

On Saturday 05 April 2003 15:51, Aryan Ameri wrote:
> Hi there:
> I just installed xmms 1.2.7.-3 (from sid repository), and I can't
> play a mp3 file with it. When I click on the play button, I recieve
> an error message, advicing me to check
> 1. My output plugin
> 2. That no other programs are blocking
> 3. That my sound card is configured properly
> Well, as no other program is playing any music at the time, and as my
> soundcard is configured properly ( I am able to play the same file
> with noatun), so I checked my xmms output plugin.
> I have tree output plugins there:
> 1. OSSDriver 1.2.7
> 2. eSound Output Plugin 1.2.7
> 3. Disk Writer Plugin 1.2.7
> And non of them seem to work.
> BTW, I guess KDE starts alsa when KDE is tarted, though I don't know
> weather this is related or not.
> Help appreciated
> Cheers

Aryan Ameri

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