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Re: 2.4.20 kernel and RTL8139

On (16/04/03 08:34), Alexander Borghgraef wrote:
>  Forgive my ignorance, but is dhcpcd the same as dhclient. I tried
> 'dhcpcd' and 'man dhcpcd', and got nothing. Dhclient is there, but it
> times out. Does this mean that I don't even have dhcpcd installed, or
> is it just the name of a package dhclient belongs to?
 Hi Alexander
 dhcpd is the dhcp server - you would have one dhcp server on your
 network which assigns IP addresses to all devices on your network.
 dhclient will run on each linux PC that needs to obtain an IP address
 from the dhcp server (which is running dhcpd).  If you have windows
 machines running on the same network they will be using something like
 winipcfg to obtain their IP address, I'm not sure what macs use as they
 seem to just recfognise the network when you plug them in and obtain an
 IP address but they must be running something similar.
> > Or you can do:
> >
> > 	route add eth0
> >
> > before you start dhcpcd. If I remember correctly that is the
> > workaround....
I've lost track of your original post but as I understand it you already
have a dhcp server on your network and the problen is one machine with a
Realtek card not accessing the dhcp server.  This PC needs to be running
dhclient or pump to automatically obtain an IP address OR you can assign
an unused IP address to it manually.

>  Same question as above: do I run 'route... && dhclient eth0' or do
> I need an actual command 'dhcpcd'? If I get this to work, how do I
> get debian to do it at boottime?
I am comparatively new to all this and this is beyond my experience but I
hope the above helps



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