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Anyone using Compuserve/AOL as an ISP?

Hello everybody,
for a couple of weeks now I've been trying to get my linux box hooked up to the internet, I finally figured out that I have to type 
pon Compuserve to actually get my modem started/activated, then type wvdial to get my system to dial out. However, I get an error message that says invalid name/password configuration; I put the name/password that compuserve gave me in both pppconfig and wvdial.conf.
I'm hoping that someone out there who also uses Compuserve can help with any advice they have.
Thanks in advance.
my system is a:
Pentium 100MHz
24Mb RAM
550Mb HD
8 bpp Video
Debian 'Potato'

thanks again for any help.

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