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Re: [OT] Where stands 'rc' for?

* David Fokkema <fokkema@nat.vu.nl> [2003-04-01 23:00]:
> What does 'rc' mean in:

For a bit of history:

runcom (as in .cshrc or /etc/rc)

The rc command derives from the runcom facility from the MIT CTSS
system, ca. 1965. From Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie, as told to
Vicki Brown:

"There was a facility that would execute a bunch of commands stored in a
file; it was called runcom for "run commands", and the file began to be
called "a runcom". rc in Unix is a fossil from that usage."

Note: The name of the shell from the Plan 9 operating system is also rc.

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