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Re: access like form builder?

Once upon a time Aryan Ameri wrote @ Sat, 19 Apr 2003 03:31:01 +0300

>  Mohammed Sameer <Uniball@gmx.net> writes:
> > > Hi all,
> > > I'm working on transferring a large company from Microsoft access,
> > > Foxpro & SQL
> > > server to MySQL, the problem is that the database admin there knows
> > > nothing about SQL "HuH!", and is very familiar with the
> > > acce$$ form builder. I was wondering if there is something similar
> > > available ? I think i can try and code something, but my study is
> > > eating most of my time now.
> > > I'd be very happy if anyone can suggest me a starting point, even
> > > if it'll need customization.
> In KOffice 1.3, There will be a program called Kexi, which is a Aceess 
> like database frontend for some database engines like MySQL. It is 
> pretty immature I guess at the moment, but KOffice 1.3 Beta 1 was due 
> to be tagged on 17 April. Try it and weather Kexi (or a Kexi based 
> soloution) will satysfy your needs.
> One more option is, Adabase ( I don't know if I remember the name 
> correctly), which is part of Sun StarOffice 6.0 (and not part of OOo).

I'll try it, Though i was thinking about gnue, It seems capable of generating forms, reports, .......
in HTML, ncurses, Gtk+, Native windows.
at least the admin will use linux and perhaps switch the whole users later.

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