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adduser problem


I know linux for some time, but i started with debian. I have now a stupid problem with adding of users. I can not adduser with the same command. There is written message like this:

#adduser petr
Adding user petr...
Adding new group petr (1000).
Adding new user petr (1000) with group petr.
Creating home directory /home/petr.
Copying files from /etc/skel
adduser: `passwd petr' exited from signal 11.  Aborting.
Cleaning up.
Removing directory `/home/petr'
Removing user `petr'.
Removing group `petr'.

I tried to add user even with linuxconf. Directory and other files were created in this case but I could not set password for it. There was some segmentation fault message about it. 

How can I fix this problem? Is it possible to reinstall some package to fix it? I hope I do not reinstall all system.


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