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[OT] Galeon open link in new tab shortcut

I am not able to get the desired behaviour wrt to opening links.

Enter opens the link in the same tab.
Alt+Enter opens the link in the same tab AND in a new window.
Ctrl+Enter opens the link in a new tab AND in a new window.
Shift+Enter throws up the Save As... dialog.

What I want is to open a link in the same tab by pressing Enter and
a new tab by pressing a combination of keys.

Is this at all possible?

Maybe I am blind, but I don't see an option in the Preferences
dialog, and the configuration files of Mozilla, Galeon, GTK, Gnome
are pretty much a mystery to me.

I have used the same user-profile for months now over different
upgrades. Perhaps other people don't see this slightly maddening


p.s. Runnning Galeon 1.2.7, Mozilla 1.2.1, whatever version of gtk
and Gnome1 that unstable currently offers and Windowmaker 0.80.1.

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