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[OT] Problem with a prog compiled using g++-3.2


Apologies for this off-topic post.

I seem to have a strange problem with a compiled program as shown by the
following gdb tidbit.

Breakpoint 1, gelGame::Start() (this=0x80d7598) at game.cpp:70
70              player =  new gelAvatar("/lev/test/sprite1");
(gdb) step
gelAvatar (this=0x81ab2f0, mdlName=0x81ab2f0 "d\215'@ØÆ\034\b\004",
inName=0x81ab2f0 "d\215'@ØÆ\034\b\004") at worldavatar.cpp:39
39      {
(gdb) step
30      gelAvatar::gelAvatar(const char * mdlName, const char * inName):
(gdb) print mdlName
$1 = 0x808e35d "Unnamed Avatar"
(gdb) print inName
$2 = 0x808e35d "Unnamed Avatar"

The prototype for gelAvatar::gelAvatar is as follows

gelAvatar(const char * mdlName, const char * inName = "Unnamed Avatar");

I have compiled and recompiled the code. Any thoughts on this. Would
this be a g++ bug ? If so, what would I need to provide to be able to
debug it ?



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