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Re: [LONG] RH refugee comments & questions

>> On Wed, 16 Apr 2003 01:14:55 +0100,
>> Antony Gelberg <ag@antgel.co.uk> said: 

 > Gotta like that.  Anyone willing to go over the differences between
 > apt-* and dpkg?  Is is generally recommended to use dselect
 > instead?

	dpkg is the underlying nuts and bolts low level tool that
 everyone else uses. It is used to handle packages named on the
 command line, and does not download anything. 

	apt-get is the next level up, it downloads packages, and can
 operate on the whole distribution (upgrade, dist-upgrade), but does
 not present all the dependnecies to the use, and does not by itself
 show details. apt-cache show/showpkg/search provide some of that.

	The end user programs is aptitude (dselect was the older one,
 but aptitude is a superset now); I haven't used deity in so long I no
 longer know what state that is in. 

	I use the following config setup for aptitude to display all
 the information that dselect used to, so I have something that
 provides the dense information display of dselect, but with sane key
 maps and drill down capabilities of aptitude.

aptitude "";
aptitude::UI "";
aptitude::UI::Package-Header-Format "%H %N %n #%B %u %o";
aptitude::UI::Package-Status-Format "%p %v %C; %A %D %I %s %P#";
aptitude::UI::Package-Display-Format "%c%a%M%R %I %15p %10v %10V %d#";
aptitude::UI::Default-Grouping "filter(missing),task,status,priority,section(subdir,passthrough),section(topdir)";
aptitude::UI::Advance-On-Action "true";
aptitude::UI::Description-Visible-By-Default "true";
aptitude::UI::Minibuf-Download-Bar "true";
aptitude::UI::Prompt-On-Exit "true";
aptitude::UI::Exit-On-Last-Close "true";
aptitude::UI::Incremental-Search "true";
aptitude::UI::Minibuf-Prompts "true";
aptitude::UI::Menubar-Autohide "false";
aptitude::UI::HelpBar "true";
aptitude::Pkg-Display-Limit "";
aptitude::Suggests-Important "true";
aptitude::Recommends-Important "true";
aptitude::Auto-Fix-Broken "true";
aptitude::Auto-Install "true";
aptitude::Warn-Not-Root "true";
aptitude::Forget-New-On-Install "false";
aptitude::Forget-New-On-Update "false";
aptitude::Display-Planned-Action "true";
aptitude::Changelog-URL-Template "http://cgi.debian.org/cgi-bin/get-changelog?package=%s";;
aptitude::AutoClean-After-Update "true";
aptitude::Auto-Upgrade "true";
aptitude::Allow-ReInstall "true";

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