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Re: [~OT] tax program for linux

TurboTax for the Web did this last year in the US - mozilla worked fine
but they sensed it out of the way. I and others posted complaints to the
bug section about it and the sensing mysteriously disappeared.  It didn't
come back this year.  You might try the same (although if 4/15 is the
deadline in Canada too then time is short!).


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On Thu, 3 Apr 2003, David P James wrote:

> Dan Hunt was roused into action on 2003-04-03 20:23 and wrote:
> >>[snip]
> >>On the plus side, the Canadian version of TurboTax, QuickTax, does not
> >>appear to employ the strange things that its US counterpart. My father
> >>installed it on his comp and I could find no trace of the rumored nasty
> >> stuff (moreover, Intuit denies that it exists in the Canadian
> >>version).
> >
> >
> > Great! My Micro$oft work computer is safe, from the evil nasty stuff. I'm
> > gonna sleep better tonight boy.
> > For next year, I would LOVE to find a Canadian tax program or web based
> > service I could use with Mozilla - and Debian GNU/Linux.
> > The web based version of QuickTax gave me: YOU NEED "Microsoft Internet
> > Explorer 4.0 or later on Windows or Netscape 4 or later on Windows or
> > Macintosh." Would tricking the browser test be morally wrong?
> Issues of morality aside, it is possible to trick their browser sniffer,
> but you have to replace all the Linux-related stuff in the UA with
> Windows-related bunk. I also added a Netscape 7 identifier (this was
> with Phoenix, btw). It will then warn you about not having Quicktime,
> but it will allow you to go past without spurious multimedia content. I
> got as far as the page of filling out info.
> There is a second way - bypass the browser sniffer altogether and skip
> to the step following the sniffer:
> https://2002.quicktaxweb.ca/secure/signin_choice
> It doesn't seem to mind
> hee hee :)
> > How would I ask the Canadian Web based Income Tax program providers to
> > support Mozilla and GNU/Linux?
> Well, the good news is that Mozilla/Gecko in a GNU/Linux environment is
> "supported" in the sense that it will work. The bad news is that they
> have a browser sniffer reduntantly sniffing out against usable browsers.
> I'm sending them a comment on the subject. Netscape has a very good
> webpage about this sort of thing:
> http://devedge.netscape.com/viewsource/2002/browser-detection/
> There is also the possibility of filing an evangelism bug on
> bugzilla.mozilla.org as well.
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