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Re: [OT] deleted .gpg stuff...recovery?

<jbmaxson@surfglobal.net> writes:

> Hey folks,
> I was in my home directory and ran a friggin "rm -R .*" command and still
> recovering.  could be worse, I know, but I now no longer have all
> the juicy GPG stuff that I need to sign/encrypt documents.  Is there any
> way to recover from this, or do I need to generate a new keypair, post
> it to the keyservers, etc?

There may be some advanced tools to save your files. But in general in
the Unixoid world once you delete a file it's gone.

Search up on google for rescue tools, and try not to write anything to
your disk until you find some rescue tools. Since the gpg stuff is so
small you might be able to recover it.

For the future you definitely should keep your gpg key on a
floppy. And keep that floppy disk somewhere safe (like wear it around
you neck or something :).


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