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Re: /var and /home are gone

> Due to a series of stupid mistakes, I have managed to completely delete all
> of /home and /var.  Is there any way to recover?

Yes.  From your regularly and frequenlty performed backup archives.

Consider this a lesson learned.

Since we are on the subject of backups, maybe now would be a good time to ask for advice.

Here is how I setup my backup:

-I tar-gzip my /home /root /hdd1/My Documents (from windows drive) and /etc
-I take the md5sum of each file and save in mdsums.txt
-I also do a dpkg --get-selections >file.txt
-I scp all the files over to my firewall/router box and then compare md5sum
-I then tar-gzip /etc on my firewall/router box and do a dpkg --get-selections >file.txt -I then back up the /etc archives and their corresponding selections files over to two seperate floppy disks (one for the firewall/router box and the other for my other machine)

I chose this method (using a bash script) so that I can minimize the amount actual data that I backup, but at the same time am able to recover from a catastrophic event (total nuking of entire hard disk) without too much trouble.

Am I missing something? Am I taking the right approach?i Is there a better way to implement this?

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