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I've been looking into buying hardware to build a wlan at home, to avoid
all the annoying cables. However, determining which cards are supported
(and reasonably easy to get running) with a stock Debian GNU/Linux
(Unstable) install has proven tricky. Thus, I would very much like some
input on which cards you are using and to what degree they perform as
expected. Google hasn't yielded much in the way of help, except that
D-Link 520 and 650 appear to be working quite well.
I will eventually be needing both a PCMCIA, a PCI card and an
access-point, preferably of the same brand.

Input is welcomed; thank.

Søren O.                                            ,''`.
                                                   : :' :
GPG Public key: finger boll <at> db.debian.org     `. `'
GPG signed mail preferred.                           `-

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