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[OT] Network throughput


I have a laptop with a PCMCIA 10Mbit adapter connected to a 10Mbit nic on
my server. In between is a fast ethernet switch (10/100 Mbit).
Even as I write this mail, I'm transferring a 1Gb file from my laptop to
my server. A simple very approximate calculation for the transfer time
gives me:

	10 Mbit/s ~= 1 Mb/s
	1Gb ~= 1000 Mb

	=> transfer takes 1000 secs ~= 15 min.

However, this transfer takes much longer already, so I decided to try out
ntop and I notice that the reported throughput is at only 360Kbps!

As always, there are severable possible answers, including the one that
says that I lost all ability for handling numbers. Of course, another
possible answer is that I made a stupid mistake.

According to ntop, its a virtually one-way flow. I'm using dd to transfer
the image from hard drive to file which resides on a samba exported
filesystem on my server.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance,


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