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Re: Anyone using Compuserve/AOL as an ISP?

On Mon, Apr 28, 2003 at 11:05:32AM -0500, Wathen, Metherion wrote:
> OK, thanks. I wont waste any more time trying that.  I actually have
> an account with compuserve, I heard somewhere that AOL bought them
> out. (not sure how accurate that is, tho.) I do think its odd that AOL
> wont let linux in, especially since there was that big hoopla sometime
> back where they supposedly dumped IE for Netscape or something else.
> Let me ask you this, If I set up a network, with my windows box as the
> primary connection to compuserve, can I use my linux box to apt-get
> software?

Another option is apt-zip, which will let you easily download packages onto
the windows box and transfer them to the linux one using whatever
connection you have (even sneakernet).

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