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ADSL/PPPoE; ppp0: Device not found

Hi, All:

For months I had been a happy user of ADSL Verizon (USA).

A week or so ago, the service suddently stopped working.

After trying a few things, I removed and the re-install all PPP related

The configuration utility, pppoeconf runs fine and successfully
complete setup.

But, when I attempt to connect for the first time, I get:

ppp0: error fetching interface information: Device not found

Cold-rebooting, removing, re-installing and re-configuring have proven

Again, the funniest thing is that I had been using this service for
months without any difficulty, and it stopped working without

Also, this does NOT seem to be hardware related, because I am right now
connected from Windows XP with same hardawre (woody; dual boot Thinkpad
T22; modem is wirespeed by webtel)

Needless to say, i've already done a good deal of "googling" about this
problem, without any help.

Thanks in advance.


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