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[OT] mkisofs, autorun under Mac

Does anyone have any experience creating hybrid ISO/HFS CDs, such that
they will autorun on a Mac?

If so, I'd love to know what the secret is to make them work :(

This is the command I'm using for mkisofs:

mkisofs -r -J -hfs -hide-hfs autorun.inf \
  -hide-hfs *.exe -hide *.exe -hide autorun.inf \
  -pad -map mapping -auto index.html -V M28CDROM \
  -o m28.iso data

This is what the mkisofs man page has to say:

  -auto AutoStart_file
    Make  the  HFS  CD  use  the  QuickTime 2.0 Autostart feature to
    launch an application or document. The given  filename  must  be
    the  name  of a document or application located at the top level
    of the CD.  The  filename  must  be  less  than  12  characters.

I realise, it says alpha, but so far I have had no success (on Mac OS
X, at least - not sure about Mac OS 9)

I wonder whether it is tied up with these creator/type flags files
seem to have under Mac. - I'm using HTML/MOSS for the html files, but
there is a great deal of conflicting information regarding these flags
on the net. :(



David Purton

If you, O LORD, kept a record of sins, O Lord, who could stand?
					Psalm 130:3

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