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Re: "E: Internal error" apt-get installing sysvinit

On Tue, Apr 22, 2003 at 12:50:21PM -0400, Geordie Birch wrote:
> said David Z Maze (on 2003-04-22),
> > In general, if you're running and actively tracking unstable, you
> > should be willing to put up with occasional breakage like this, and
> > almost certainly be subscribed to debian-devel-announce (low
> > traffic).  You should probably be comfortable tracking down problems,
> > and helping the community by submitting bug reports (and possibly
> > including fixes).  Subscribing to debian-devel or debian-devel-changes
> > wouldn't be a bad idea, but both are fairly high-traffic.
> Yes, of course.  Does this preclude asking questions on -user?

Not at all. Filing bugs is usually a more productive way of getting the
problem fixed, though. (The sort of breakage you quoted must be a bug in

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