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On 03 Apr 2003 16:13:06 +0200
Søren Boll Overgaard <dev-null@bombadil.tolkien.dk> wrote:

> (Unstable) install has proven tricky. Thus, I would very much like
> some input on which cards you are using and to what degree they
> perform as expected. Google hasn't yielded much in the way of help,
> except that

I have Orinoco Gold and it performs well. I chose it because people
whose knowledge I respect reported that it works at longer ranges and is
more reliable than most other cards.

It uses the hermes, orinoco and orinoco_cs modules (all three).

The only time it matters that your card and access point are the same
brand is if they use a non-standard protocol; I believe some of the
higher-priced Cisco units (redundancy alert) are like this.


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