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[no subject] "Clock skew detected." "kill (pid,0) unknown process" message "no valid newsgroups" mesage in trn "shared" memory value was: Re: /usr full !? $TERM = "xterm" acting funny on non-linux terms 'make config' issues. A ( simple ? ) question about configuration (Bruce's New Venture (Was Re: BS in rxvt+ncurses) (fwd) [gnu.misc.discuss] Re: Don't want to publish source code .bash_profile and TCP/IP .xsession not executing /afs timeouts from /etc/cron.daily /dev on a ram disk /etc/deliver directory is corrupted. /etc/lilo.conf not taking my append line /proc directory /sbin/clock status? /usr full !? 1FA: Problem 2.1.72 sound driver and kerneld 3c503 module 3FA ??? 3FA: ??? 56k voice modem for Debian Re: can^ôt use FIPS on windows 95 Re: can´t use FIPS on windows 95 Ignore this (èé) ? MOXA 104+ fourport serial Re: [ Xephem-smotif problems] [Debian] Winnt NTFS + Debian [DHCPC] eth0 disappears after booting [Fwd: WordProcessor + SoundCard + ZIP & PRINTING] [Help!] Somehow, ldd won't use libc5-compat [kinda off-topic] accelx and matrox Re: [Not a dumb Question!] [Q] Standard way to force libc5-compat? Re: [Off Topic] Dumb Perl Question... [OFF-TOPIC] Re: Simple Unix utility? [OFFTOPIC or BUG] is it possible to move the cursor in prompt? [Q] libICE [Q] Printing.. [semi-off-topic:-] Reasons for Debian/Linux over FreeBSD Re: [SOLVED] Annoying boot-up messages [Solved] Re: Problems with cron a2ps and non-free accelx question Acculogic SCSI adapter activate VFS for kernel with module support - how ? Re: activate VFS for kernel with module support - how ? (fwd) Active v.s. Passive hubs Adaptec 2842 addendum to "Upgrade Debian. Upgrade install diskettes ?" AIC7xxx boot messages RE: allow mount to normal use Re: allow mount to normal user ALT key in X for Emacs alt-F7 reassignment Alternatives to NIS? Amanda for Debian? AMD 5x86 and reboot AMD K6 Ang>debian-user-digest Digest V97 #1081 Another Darn Upgrade problem/question. Another X problem Re: Anti-relaying rules for smail? any monetary support for Xfree Re: Anyone have any good help files for the learning Linux fan? Anyone have any good help files for the learning Linux fan? Anyone packaging new smail (to stop spam relays)? Apache Apache 1.2.4 Binary Version Apache web editting Apache-Bug - Fix?! Are 120 MB diskspace enough? Arrgh, its the newbie again... asus/ati video board AT1500BT driver? ATA-3 drives ati tv tuner AU mirrors auth and wu-ftpd backup Backup systems: opinions wanted Re: Backup systems: opinons wanted Bare X-windows Re: barking dogs and i18n Bash 2.01 Upgrade/Libc6 bash and less Re: best Linux video card best way to set up floppies/CD-ROM BIND 8.1.1 and IP aliasing in Linux Bizarre problem. Blah, sorry bo to hamm upgrade bogus SYN flood? bootable Debian 1.3.1 CD Bootdisk for PCMCIA? booting debian on IBM thinkpad 760ED & 3COM 3c562 booting from CD booting single, writable? broken pipe using dselect with CD BS in rxvt+ncurses BUG IN DYNAMIC LINKER Re: Can anyone please post the Debian specific published manual. Can anyone please post the Debian specific published manual. Can I stay current using source packages instead of binaries? Can't believe it Can't select menu items on RealPlayer 5.0 Beta 2 Re: can4t use FIPS on windows 95 Re: can?t use FIPS on windows 95 can´t use FIPS on windows 95 CAT 5 catch 22 CD-ROM Problem cfdisk partion errors CGI Error changing domain name changing gids changing group IDs changing pine config Changing space reserved Changing the domain CHoose OS v0.80 - Tale of Woe Choosing network and graphic card for Linux. clock & /etc/init.d/boot clueless people on debian-user colormap in X server Colours with Lynx command logging COMMERCIAL: Arkeia v4.0r6 - network backup software (fwd) Compaq TLAN ethernet cards compile error: as86 command not found! Compile kernel 2.0.30 / Debian 1.3 ? compiling autofs compiling autofs under bo compiling the kernel - as86 missing Re: Configuring a pcmcia networkcard CONT.: Debian Installation Problem, PLEASE HELP!!! CONT2:Debian Installation Problem, PLEASE HELP!!! Controlling a Parallel Port Device Core with pthread, libc6, and g++ in child processes.. correction. corrupted group descriptor? couldn't match host name or address Re: Crash! (help) crc error CRC-32 program Cron RE: Cron <root@mattyt> run-parts /etc/cron.daily (fwd) Cron and find crypt problem Re: crypting a whole filesystem or directory? CS4232-kq-Crystal-PnP-based sound card Cyrix MediaGX system + Debian ??? dataplot: NIST 1 million lines of code, since 1978 DCE for Linux? Debian 1.3 ignores more than 2 "groups". debian 1.3.1 apache Re: Debian GNU/Linux Logo chosen debian install not recognizing cdrom Debian Installation Problem, PLEASE HELP!!! Debian libc5 (bo/stable) to libc6 (hamm/unstable) upgrade Mini-HOWTO Debian libc5 to libc6 Mini-HOWTO - purging -dev packages Re: Debian Linux and Cirrus Debian Linux in Compaq Armada 7300 Debian linux installation Re: Debian Linux User's Guide HAS ONLY EMAIL SUPPORT! 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