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Re: Debian GNU/Linux Logo chosen

bruce@va.debian.org wrote:
> From: Tommy Lakofski <tommy@88.net>
> > On a bit of a tangent, how ready is the Hurd to replace the Linux kernel?
> I am not one of the people testing it. RMS is still running Debian on his
> laptop :-)
> What I would hope is that the HURD would support the 86open standard
> (essentially GNU LIBC with a cleaner substitute for ioctl()), and that
> a large number of Debian binary packages would run on all 86open platforms,
> including SCO and so on. We're going to have to get a lot farther with 86open
> before that happens.

As I read more and more about Hurd.. I still can't stop thinking
"WHY?".. in a couple hundred more revisions.. the Linux kernel may well
come close to being a microkernel.  What are the clear cut benefits?
(Just a few simple lines please.. no dissertations.. I'd as a professor
of computer science for that...)

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