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Re: CGI Error

On Sun, 7 Dec 1997, Paul Miller wrote:

> I didn't write this script and don't know perl, so I don;t know what is
> wrong...
As someone pointed out: the Idiot's Guide To Solving CGI Problems at
www.perl.com is great.

If you want to use CGI's scripts written in perl, I strongly advice you to
read "Learning Perl" and "CGI Programming on the WWW", both from

Most scripts you get on the web for free don't exactly match one's need or
have small bugs, so you have the at least partly rewrite them. And you can
use perl for nearly everything, so the time you spend learning it will pay
back soon.

Then rewrite your script using CGI.pm so that you can test it from the
command line.

> I was just looking at the cgi.log file, which didn't give any errors.. in
> the error.log I get "[error] Premature end of script headers" messages..
> what does this mean?
There was no output from the script. Not even the "Content-type:....\n\n"
line. Usually a permission problem. See the Idiot's Guide.


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