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Re: [OFF-TOPIC] Re: Simple Unix utility?

Lorens Kockum <kockum@efrei.fr> writes:

> On Sun, Dec 07, 1997 at 12:31:23PM +0100, Torsten Hilbrich wrote:
> > 
> > cut doesn't buffers everything, grep is to blame.  If grep output to a
> > non-terminal (e.g. a pipe) it use buffers of 4k (don't remember the
> > correct value).  Unfortunatly, I don't know any way to get around
> > this.
> If that's the problem, then do 
> 	tail -f file | cut -b whatever | grep whatever
> and presto, you're outputting to a terminal.  Won't work, of course,
> if cut has the same problem.

Of course.  I assume that almost any utility block buffers the output
if not going to the terminal.  This will happen if you have more than
one pipe in your command line.


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