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(fwd) [gnu.misc.discuss] Re: Don't want to publish source code

Some light relief. Happy new year (soon).


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Subject: [gnu.misc.discuss] Re: Don't want to publish source code
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Subject: Re: Don't want to publish source code
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pfward@my.home.net, bequeathed this pearl of wisdom upon the blind

> So how is the pyramid scheme to make all source code "GPL" going
> then anyway?  Any statistics?

My GOD! They've taken over my ENTIRE COMPUTER! I can't find any
Microsoft programs on my hard drive at all! They've snuck an entire
system onto my computer, with source code, and got away before I could
pay them! Curses on that bad, bad Linus guy, and that evil, evil
Richard Stallman fellow! Damn all their fiendish cohorts!

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