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Re: 3FA: ???

Hello ,
           While installing Debian , I  come across the same situation.
But I get :4Fa  .I guess it is due to the installation script when it
tries to make Linux bootable from harddisk . I corrected it
through lilo.conf and then I run lilo  .
   By doing so I get what I  want . I set the delay to 200 .so boot map(?)
will look for left space . but if i press left space during the booting
(continuously) , I get the 4FA: and then by pressing Enter I get LILO
waiting as it should do . I do not get the same problem when  I do not ask
for linux to be made bootable from the harddisk
during installation and then do it manually later . So i guess it is due
to installation script . However I have not checked the source code
and hence I am not  sure  about it .

Faiz ul Haque Zeya

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From: Rick Hawkins <hawk@eyry.econ.iastate.edu>
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Date: Saturday, December 06, 1997 3:12 PM
Subject: Re: 3FA: ???

>> Run liloconfig, and answer the questions it asks you appropriately.
>Is this the right program?  all three questions are yes/no types, rather
than allowing me to change them.  It wants to use /dev/hda3, /, for boot,
and has no option to change to /dev/hda1.

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