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Re: Debian Installation Problem, PLEASE HELP!!!

Liran Zvibel wrote:...
  >Now for the problems:
  >1) When I set the CD drive up it told me to that I should read
  >linux/documentation/cdrom/sbpcd and then configure sbpcd.h
  >the linux directory does not exists on my system, not does this file on
  >any other directory.

That message is in the text of the sbpcd driver.  The file is in the
linux kernel source code.  There is a Debian package, but you haven't
loaded it.  If your CD is working, you can safely ignore this message.

  >[various X problems]

Is xbase properly installed?  Check with `dpkg -l xbase'.

  >6) Why isn't . in my path? I don't want to execute every program by
  >./command. How do I put it in the path?

Don't put it in your path as superuser.  As an ordinary user, add this line to
your .bash_profile and .bashrc:

  export PATH=$PATH:.

or if you are using C shell (see below), this should go in .login and .cshrc:

  setenv PATH $PATH:.

(I think)
You can also run those commands directly in an interactive session.

There are quite a lot of places where this command could be put:

/etc/profile should do it for all bash, Bourne shell and Korn shell users at
login time, unless they are using xdm to log in.

Once you get X working, it has its own configuration set up, both system-
wide and per user.

If /etc/environment exists (again for bash users), the bash form can go
in there.  Other scripts ought to include /etc/environment (but check that
they really do.)  For example, this is my /etc/profile:
# /etc/profile: system-wide .profile file for bash(1).

if [ -f /etc/environment ]
        . /etc/environment

ulimit -c unlimited
umask 022

PS1='\h:\w\$ ' export PS1

  >7) When I installed the installation process said I can't install lilo in
  >the / since it ends on the 1090th cylinder, will I be able to put lilo in
  >the MBR? Should I just destroy everything, repartition and install again?

There is quite a lot to be said for keeping the root partition small: mine
is 50Mb, with /usr and /var on separate partitions.  Make sure the root
partition is early in the disk and you should be OK.  (This is to do with
PC BIOS limitations.)
  >8) I don't have the kernel source in where it should be (I can't remember
  >now, but you all know what I mean), and I can't (can I?) recompile the
  >kernel so it doesn't try to find so many things at the beginning. BTW: gcc
  >is the only program that I know that works (I didn't try something too
  >fancy but I think it was enough).

Install the kernel source package; then you can build yourself a kernel
customised to your particular system.
  >9) Here I would like to hear your opinion: I use C shell at my Uni. (here)
  >what is better C shell or bash? (I don't know bash, so take that into

If you know C shell, use tcsh; if you know Bourne or Korn shell, use bash.
I never learnt C shell, so I don't like it and I use bash.

For writing scripts, use bash.

Debian installation always assumes bash is present; you would probably do
well to learn it, even if you decide to use tcsh as your normal shell.

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