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Re: COMMERCIAL: Arkeia v4.0r6 - network backup software (fwd)

>>>>> "Mike" ==   <mike@bcinternet.com> writes:

    Mike> 	I saw this in c.o.l.a. and didn't see this mentioned
    Mike> on debian-user or the webpage.  Did I miss this or is this
    Mike> news to everyone else?  Either way if it's not bulls*$t then
    Mike> it's pretty cool.


    Mike> Arkeia v4.0r6 supported software: O Caldera - Tested and
    Mike> working.  O Redhat - Tested and working.  O Slackware -
    Mike> Tested and working.  O SusE - Tested and working.  O Most
    Mike> Linux, v2.0.0 or higher, distributions.

Hrm. If they're donating money to Debian, why do they not say it
*works* on Debian? :)

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