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AU mirrors

Can any .AU users recommend any other debian mirrors in AU?
ftp.usyd.edu.au:/linux/debian was excellent but currently
contains only the indices subdirectory. Before that I found
www.unimelb.edu.au good but they ran out of disk space.
They recommend ftp.monash.edu.au but that has sunsite's
directory structure and I always find the sunsite-type 
places to be very out of date with debian.

ftp.debian.org.au points to ftp.debian.org.
ftp.au.debian.org currently has ping times of 3-4s due
to congestion at Telstra in Perth; in contrast I can get
to ftp.debian.org in 700ms.

archie.au is always horrendously out of date.

Unfortunately I can't afford to maintain a mirror myself
(am paying per megabyte for traffic).


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