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/afs timeouts from /etc/cron.daily

I recently installed the AFS file system on a Debian Linux machine
running the unstable distribution.  Every time the scripts in
/etc/cron.daily are run now I get a series of error messages about
connections timing out for /afs domains.  The messages look like
 find: /afs/bcc.ac.uk: Connection timed out
The subject of the message from cron is
 Subject: Cron <root@franz> run-parts /etc/cron.daily

It seems that find is only called at / by updatedb in the script
/etc/cron.daily/find and that script has a configuration file that
puts /afs in the PRUNEPATHS and afs in the PRUNEFS variables.  Those
exclusions seem to work if I run the script by hand because I don't
get any timeouts on afs domains.

Are there are other scripts in /etc/cron.daily that may be running a
find from / without excluding /afs?  The contents of /etc/cron.daily
for me are
 $ ls /etc/cron.daily
 acct		   find		      news		 standard
 apache		   man-db	      smail		 sysklogd
 apache.dpkg-old    netbase	      smail.dpkg-dist
 calendar	   netbase.dpkg-dist  squid

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