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Re: 'make config' issues.

"Christopher R. Barry" wrote:
  >I apologise for this newbie question but what do I do to get 'make
  >config' to exist? I installed Debian several days ago and just learned
  >today that the reason why my mouse doesn't work is because I need to
  >compile support into the kernel. When I go to /usr/src/linux and type
  >'make config' I just get a bash error message saying that the make
  >command was not found. Arggghhhh.... The HOWTOs and FAQs do mention how
  >to configure and compile the source, but they say nothing about
  >obtaining 'make config' which is essential to the process. I tried
  >installing all the packages I thought were relevent, such as gcc, but
  >nothing works....

It sounds as if you need to install the make package.

If you haven't installed that, have you installed the C compiler, gcc?  You
will also need that and several other things to compile the kernel.  These 
are in the Standard devel section in dselect.

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