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BS in rxvt+ncurses


	I've already asked this, and I'm sure someone must be having the
same problem...

No matter how I set the backspace in X11, it won't work under rxvt +
some ncurses program, for example, pine. At some point the entry in
/etc/terminfo/r/rxvt was changed, and the backspace stopped working. The
change isn't documented in the Debian changelog, it just says "Munged
rxvt entry a bit more", and also makes reference to an update to the
terminfo database...  

xterm does work, and infocmp says:

comparing rxvt to xterm.
    comparing booleans.
    comparing numbers.
        colors: -1:8.
        pairs: -1:64.
    comparing strings.
        hpa: NULL, '\E[%i%p1%dG'.
        kend: '\E[4~', '\E[F'.
        khome: '\E[1~', '\E[H'.
        kmous: NULL, '\E[M'.
        vpa: NULL, '\E[%i%p1%dd'.

I don't see anything relevant here. There are far more differences
between the entry that worked and the one that doesn't.

I have:

ii  ncurses-base    1.9.9g-6
ii  rxvt            2.20-8

The only thing I see that may be relevant is that xterm does use
libncurses and rxvt doesn't. I don't think rxvt is broken... it worked
before... the problem is, I don't know before what. Also, I don't want
to blindy move the old entry over the new one, because I see there are
other differences between them and some of them are indeed good. 

Thank you very much in advance (I mean it, this is getting annoying)

			Marcelo Magallón

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