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Re: Core with pthread, libc6, and g++ in child processes..

Richard.Dansereau@EE.UManitoba.CA writes:

> Hello!
> I just installed the latest unstable version of Debian on Saturday
> and am either doing something wrong or I have found a bug.  On top
> of this, I have followed the mini-howto for upgrading from libc5
> to libc6 and installed all of the suggested packages.
> I've narrowed the problem down to compiling the following code
> with g++:

Hi.  Simply linking with libg++ and libpthread will cause this, because
libg++ isn't thread safe.  The libstc++ that comes with egcs (a new
alternative to gcc/g++ based on gcc/g++ 2.8.0) is thread safe, and seems to
work OK in general.

As far as I know, there is no egcs package yet, but ZI had no problems
installing it in /usr/local on my machine.


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