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Re: BS in rxvt+ncurses

On Fri, 5 Dec 1997, Jens B. Jorgensen wrote:

[ problem snipped ]
: Man, this problem has come up on this list how many times now? 
: Hooooooweeee! (I'm not frustrated at you Marcelo.) Isn't it time we
: had a decent search engine on the debian-user archives or some help
: database that people could look into? 
: Anyway Marcelo, add this to your ~/.Xresources file (and make sure 
: that you have 'allow-user-resources' in /etc/X11/config). 
: Rxvt.keysym.0xFFFF: \b
: If that doesn't work let me know, but it solved the problem for me
: and many others. This is better than switch your whole X keymap.
: -- 
: Jens B. Jorgensen
: jjorgens@bdsinc.com

Hmm, I'll regret saying this forever I bet :)  Many lists like this one
have an "FAQ" that gets posted semi-frequently.  Anyone ever attempted
this?  Are there good reasons for this NOT to happen?  Otherwise, we
should accumulate FAQ type questions (and yes, i would consider doing
this.  Only because I opened my mouth, not because I know all the

rxvt, shadow passwords vs. xdm, ppp configs, cd-rom device names ... a
few others come to mind

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