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Controlling a Parallel Port Device

The short version:
  I've been given a schematic for a device that I've been told I can hook 
  up to a Bi-Directional parallel port. It uses one pin for information in,
  and one for information out. I need to figure out what pins to hook it to,
  and find a way to make a driver for this device. The driver needs to be
  able to send information down as well as cause an interrupt when it 
  gets information. (Information can arrive at any time, and must be dealt
  with in the software.)

The long version:
  I'm trying to control an Audio device using Sony's Control-A1 port (S-Link).
  I want to be able to control the device with a low-cost system that runs 
  Linux so that I can use its netwroking capabilities (As well as low system

  The control-A1 is a pair of simple non-clocked lines, one used as input, and
  one as output. I can provide the schematic that I was given. 

  The communication is technically a low speed packeted system, holding the
  line for a long period as a delimiter between packets. bits are defined
  by holding the line for shorter periods of time (a 1 is twice as long as a
  0, and the delimiter is around 4 times as long as a 1) 

I really appreciate any help I can get on this, including pointers to 

--Michael Patterson

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