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Re: CONT2:Debian Installation Problem, PLEASE HELP!!!

On Sun, 7 Dec 1997, Liran Zvibel wrote:
>  I was able to configure X, the only problem is that if I
> tell the Setup program that my Monitor is SVGA the resolution is too
> small, and if I tell it I have non-interlaced the fonts are so small that
> they are hardly readable. Is there a way to fine-tune the resolution?

Try Ctrl-Alt and + or - on the keypad, to see if the setup program
automatically set up some other resolutions. You can also change the font
for many programs using X resources or command line options.
> Before I reinstalled I had a window-manager that painted the background
> blue and if I minimized the virtual-desktop it looked like a desk with a V
> on it. I installed all of the window managers now and can't find that one.

That's olvwm.

> (The ugly 95 lookalike window-manager shows up and I try to load others.)

You have two options: to set the default wm for all users, change
/etc/X11/window-managers. To change your personal wm, make a .xsession
file in your home directory, containing these lines:

xterm -ls &
exec olvwm

and be sure you chmod u+x .xsession.

> I tried to configure PPP/SLIP (my ISP is IBM). When I try to use minicom
> to connect it does make the sound but that is the last thing it does with
> the modem, I mean that, I see no CONNECT message nor anything else. I
> don't see any prompt from the server even when I try to type something. 

You probably need to send more info on this, but I'm not sure what. Maybe
someone else will have a suggestion.
 Havoc Pennington

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