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Re: alt-F7 reassignment

>I have no idea how you would map alt-esc to switch back to X.
>However, you can cycle through the tty's by using alt-right_arrow and
>alt-left_arrow.  So, the key sequence alt-f1/alt-left_arrow (or I
>suppose alt-f12/alt-right_arrow) would get you back to X.
>This begs the question:  why would you need 12 login consoles?  =)
>hope that helps...

The description is not alt-Fx, buit Lalt-Fx, where x=1-12, and stands for
consoles 1 thru 12.  Ralt-Fx, where x=1-12, stands for consoles 13-24.

Lalt=Left Alt, Ralt=Right Alt.

Once, as a test, I had, upon bootup, ten dosemu sessions running, on consoles
13-22, with each one being a dos bbs acting as a node for incoming telnet.

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