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Re: 3FA ???

"Eloy A. Paris" wrote:
  >Aaron Walker <aaron@iconmedia.com> wrote:
  >: I just installed Debian 1.3.1 on my 486 w/4MB RAM.  I made Debian hard
  >: drive bootable because it's the only drive in the system.  When I
  >: rebooted, I got this message:
  >: 3FA:
  >: This is all it says.  Even when I try to boot off my boot disk, it says
  >: the same message.  Please help.  Thanks.
  >/usr/doc/mbr/README explains it all. The documentation in
  >/usr/doc/lilo can also help.

Since the user says he can't boot even from floppy, he may need the text here.
This extract is from /usr/doc/mbr/README:
4. The boot process

When the MBR is first loaded it waits for a configurable length of
time, monitoring the keyboard, for key presses. If the MBR detects a
key press, it will interrupt the boot process, and display its
prompt. Otherwise, it will load the first sector of the default
partition, and execute it. If a disk error occours, the MBR will
display its prompt.

4.1 The boot prompt

The boot prompt looks something like this:


This is the list of valid keys which may be pressed. This means that
partitions 1, and 4 can be booted, also the first floppy drive
(F). The A means that 'advanced' mode may be entered, in which any
partition may be booted. The prompt for this mode looks like this:


The only other valid key which may be pressed is RETURN, which
continues booting with the default partition.

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