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Re: BS in rxvt+ncurses

On 5 Dec 1997, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

: Hi,
: >>"Nathan" == Nathan E Norman <finn@midco.net> writes:
: Nathan> Hmm, I'll regret saying this forever I bet :) Many lists like
: Nathan> this one have an "FAQ" that gets posted semi-frequently.
: Nathan> Anyone ever attempted this?  Are there good reasons for this
: Nathan> NOT to happen?  Otherwise, we should accumulate FAQ type
: Nathan> questions (and yes, i would consider doing this.  Only because
: Nathan> I opened my mouth, not because I know all the answers)
: 	I have /usr/doc/debian/FAQ/, which has a Debian FAQ in text
:  and HTML formats. The document says:
: ______________________________________________________________________
:                           The Debian GNU/Linux FAQ
:  Susan G. Kleinmann (sgk@debian.org), Sven Rudolph (sr1@inf.tu-dresden.de),
:                   and Joost Witteveen (joostje@debian.org)
:                                 01 May 1997
:  [...]
: 1.  Meta-questions
:     [...]
: 1.2.  Where do I get the latest version of this document?
: The latest  version of this  document can be viewed  in HTML format  at the
: Debian home page ( http://www.debian.org/FAQ/ ) .
: It is  also available in HTML,  PostScript, GNU info and  plain text format
: at the Debian  FTP Server ( ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian/ )  and  any of its
: mirrors ( http://www.debian.org/ftplist.html )  in the directory doc/FAQ/.
: The  original SGML  files used  to create  this document  are available  in
: debian-doc's source  package. The  linuxdoc-sgml package contains  tools to
: transform this document into one or  more other formats, as required by the
: user:  GNU info files, HTML, LaTeX, TeX .dvi format, and PostScript.
: ______________________________________________________________________
: 	I'm sure they'd appreciate any help collating additional
:  data. 
: 	manoj
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:  Dictionary Of The American Language
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Umhmm, sure, it's a nice document.  Sometimes helpful, too, assuming one
can find the latest version.  However, checking www.us.debian.org just
now, and pulling up the Debian FAQ yields "28 December 1996".  Nowhere
near as fresh as your "01 May 1997".  I know it's from the package ...
but let's face it, the deb package containing the FAQ isn't real useful
to someone pondering/attempting a fresh Debian install.

I guess my point was this:  would it be helpful to either post that
document to this list periodically (or at least to the newsgroup),
and/or periodically post a message stating "The newest Debian FAQ can be
found at http://.... ,  The Debian Project has scads of cool goodies at
http://.... , etc. as the problem seems to be a lack of knowledge as to
where such information may be obtained.

Note:  I am not attempting to demean the work performed on this (or any
other) item of Debian documentation.  And while I'm certainly not "old
hat" with Debian, I've been on this list long enough to see some changes
in the types of questions being asked, etc.  So my concern is "access to
existing information" more than "quality of existing information".  My
apologies to anyone who misunderstood this.

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