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Re: [semi-off-topic:-] Reasons for Debian/Linux over FreeBSD

On Tue, Dec 02, 1997 at 09:58:41AM -0500, tko@westgac3.dragon.com wrote:
> Randy Edwards writes:
> > I was wondering what sort of arguments folks would give for selecting
> > Linux over FreeBSD.  This is for a production server in an educational
> > environment.  The arguments used against Linux were that it was buggy
> > and goes through too many changes.  I, of course, countered those to a
> > degree and my main point of advocacy was that Linux works on a wider
> > variety of hardware.  However, I felt I did an inadequate job; any other
> > arguments that folks would've used in such a situation?  Please feel
> > free to reply via e-mail; thanks in advance.
> OK, while it is easy to find fault, how about this comparison: 

One other thing that a university lecturer of mine loves to point out;
FreeBSD is BSD, so it has the stability and standardness of BSD,
including standard C API etc. Standard BSD networking. Some BSD
folks are very fond of saying how BSD networking is better than
Linux's; I don't know how this could be, because Linux works
just fine here. At my ISP when we installed our server,
our ISP said everyone else in the room was running FreeBSD
or Solaris. I don't know what the advantage to that is,
because we've had our server operational at a remote location
for nearly a year now and it's never crashed. Linux 2.0.27
originally, now at 2.0.32.

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