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Re: CGI Error

On Mon, 8 Dec 1997, Paul Miller wrote:

> Alright, this is really weird.  After adding those lines it ran fine and
> now it runs w/o those lines..  maybe my permissions were wrong, but I'm
> sure they were 755 root/root.  hmm..  Anyhow, now it only runs in the
> /cgi-bin and not the user's directories, so the problem is probably suEXEC
> since it controls cgi execution in user dirs, right? ... what a mess. 
Can't help you here. I don't run Apache, and my server always runs cgis
in user homedirectories as the respective user (if I allow cgi execution
for that user at all), so I don't need suEXEC.

1. Check that cgi scripts not in /cgi-bin/ are allowed at all.
2. (only a thought) cd to the servers document root. su to www-data.
cd to the directory where this script is. Run suEXEC with this script
(maybe suexec scritpt.pl ?).

Also I believe you will get better answers in a apache or cgi-authoring
newsgroup or on the apache homepage.


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