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Re: CONT.: Debian Installation Problem, PLEASE HELP!!!

On Thu, 04 Dec 1997 11:52:38 +0200, Liran Zvibel wrote:
> You were right! I didn't have xbase installed. I installed it and tried to
> run startx (without configuring, just to see whether it runs). It didn't,
> said it couldn't connect to the server (Or something like that, I'll try to 
> install PPP today so I'll be able to write from home and be more
> accurate.). Then I tried to run SuperProbe (which was in place this time)
> - it showed me a page of text for about a second (I didn't have enough
> time to read it) and then the screen went black! I tried to press ALT-F2
> to login again but it had no effect on the system. I pressed ALT-CTRL-DEL
> to shut it down, rebooted and logged in to see that everything is okay. It
> was (I think so) what should I do?

The man page for SuperProbe gives a great many suggestions, including 
redirecting output to a file, not probing for RAMDAC or video bios, .. 
not to mention a number of others.  The man page specifically warns:

       It is possible that SuperProbe can lock up  your  machine.
       Be  sure  to  narrow the search by using the -no16, -excl,
       and -mask10  options  provided  to  keep  SuperProbe  from
       conflicting with other installed hardware.

> The kernel source was not installed too, I tried to select it in dselect
> (once only ver. 2.0.29-7 then 2.0.30-7 the both, but every time when I try
> to install it it goes through all then packages and at the end it says
> Error number 1 (or something like that). What should I do?

That depends on what the problem is, but something is unresolved.  Just 
before it gives the error number it should tell you what the source of 
conflict is. While there is probably a log somewhere, I've had install 
work on the second or third attempt.  While you may be able to have 
more than one kernel version installed without conflicts (I'm not 
sure), you may have fewer conflicts with only one. Try to resolve all 
your dependencies before you install. I think kernel source includes 
headers, but if not, you'll need that to recompile.


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