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Re: 3FA: ???

> > Run liloconfig, and answer the questions it asks you appropriately.
> Is this the right program?  all three questions are yes/no types, rather than allowing me to change them.  It wants to use /dev/hda3, /, for boot, and has no option to change to /dev/hda1.

I took a look at it, and it indeed assumes that if you want to boot off linux 
partition, then you want it to be /.  You may want to submit a bug against 
lilo.  Your only option is to edit /etc/lilo.conf and make it something like 


Then you should run lilo and reboot

Note that this will install lilo into MBR.  If you don't want to do that, and 
want to leave the debian mbr block in there (the thing that produces 123FA at 
times), you can take a look at /usr/sbin/liloconfig (perl script) and see the 
weird ways it handles it :-).  Also, see /usr/doc/mbr.  However, I don't see a 
reason debian does this anyway, I was once told that the reason is because mbr 
is safer than lilo. 

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