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Re: 'make config' issues.

On Fri, 5 Dec 1997, Christopher R. Barry wrote:

>                   I installed Debian several days ago and just learned
> today that the reason why my mouse doesn't work is because I need to
> compile support into the kernel.

Well, below I give you what I think is a full set of packages needed to
compile a kernel, but why are you doing this?  I don't believe you when
you say that you need to recompile a kernel to get mouse support -
debian's default 1.3.1 kernel has support for Ps2 mice and bus mice
compiled as modules for the kernel.  When you went through the setup
process, do you remember a screen that asked you to load various device
driver modules (scsi, network cards, etc.)?  My guess is that you didn't
select the appropriate device driver module for your particular mouse.
Install the "modconf" package and (as root) run modconf.  See if you can't
find your modules under the section "misc".  That's much less painful than
recompiling a kernel can be.

>                                  When I go to /usr/src/linux and type
> 'make config' I just get a bash error message saying that the make
> command was not found. Arggghhhh.... The HOWTOs and FAQs do mention how
> to configure and compile the source, but they say nothing about
> obtaining 'make config' which is essential to the process. I tried
> installing all the packages I thought were relevent, such as gcc, but
> nothing works....
To compile a kernel, you need at least:
the 'make' package
the 'gcc' package
the 'libc5-dev' package (well, maybe you can get away without this one,
                         now that I think about it)
the 'binutils' package
the 'bin86' package
kernel source (either from one of the kernel-source packages or from a
               .tar.gz file downloaded from ftp.kernel.org)

The 'kernel-package' package, while highly recommended, is not technically
necessary.  However, it makes the whole process of compiling and
installing a new kernel much less painful.

If you want to do the menu-based configuration ('make menuconfig' instead
of 'make config'), you'll need the ncurses3.0-dev package.

The X-windows based configuration requires some TK-dev package and I think
some tcl-dev package as well.  (And, of course, a working X windows)

But again, I don't believe that you need to do this.  Try modconf first.

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