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Re: backup

Matthew Tebbens wrote:
> I have 2 harddrives in my system. The main hd is going bad
> and I would like to copy everything to the second and use
> that as the main drive.
> Is it possible to copy EVERYTHING to the second hd and just
> run lilo on it ?
> If so, anyone know all the options to use with cp for this
> to work ? (or a complete command line that worked)

I recommend dump/restore. It was made for the purpose. I believe
the packet is called simply 'dump'. The process will then be

a)  partition the new drive

b)  "newfs" the partition, ala 'newfs /dev/hdb1'

c)  mount the drive in some place, eg. 'mount /dev/hdb1 /mnt'

d)  now move it all over: 'dump 0f - / | (cd /mnt; restore xf -)'

Note that if you have separate partitions for /usr or whatever 
these will have to be done separately since dump won't go into
other mounted partitions.

Jens B. Jorgensen

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